Christopher Norman and The Reverb Junkie – “You Don’t Know” (TRJ studio sesh)

In studio version from All The Pretty People EP  with Christopher Norman.  YEa.



  1. Taylor Schaben

    Hey Michelle!

    I just wanted you to know that ever since I heard you on The Voice I have been such a huge fan. I love the intensity of your performances and how you make it so easy to connect with your music. I have never connected so well with music in my life. I also have watched some of the interveiws you to did after The Voice shows. You are such an inspiration to me! What you said about how in the past year how you tried so to do good that it wasn’t fun and sabotaged your chances of truly being successful, really applied to me. When i heard that I was like, THAT IS SOOO JUST LIKE ME! Except my kind of performances are on the softball field as an athlete. I was always pretty good but my coaches always said I looked too rigid when I swing and was trying to force it (sometimes I even forgot to breathe), but I never felt like I was trying if I wasn’t putting in that extra forced effort. I love working hard so when you said your new strategy of performing was working really hard and when it comes time to execute just have fun with it and have peace that you have already done the work it takes to be great really helped me. Softball has been a lot more fun for me now that I am able to trust myself and allow myself to have fun and I have even been executing better.

    Also, me being someone who takes extreme care in grades at school, I have been called a nerd many, many times. I just don’t feel like I am taking full advantage of the time in my life if I am not giving it 100% all the time. Not trying hard bothers me way more than any snide comment ever would. I have already come to terms with my label as a “nerd” or a “jock” but seeing you rock on stage with such individuality makes it even more easy for me to be my own person. So thank you for that.

    I am not exactly a “social person”. I would rather stay at home most nights working out, reading, or just making crafts with one or two friends rather than go to a party. But I always wished I was able to communicate with people better than I have. So what you premote in your tweets and comments elsewhere about how everyone just needs encouragement has really helped me talk to people that intimidated me. This way i can just give them a compliment or encouragement instead of starting a conversation with a lame topic and wondering how lame they think I am.

    You are truly an inspiration and I will continue to follow your music regardless of what happens on the voice:)

  2. April

    Your music is amazing! ‘All the Pretty People’ is such a catchy tune. I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  3. eraethil

    This rendition is my favourite of this song – it’s the way you deliver the chorus here. In the more produced versions on iTunes, the intensity of your voice is reduced. Wish something more like this version was available. Can’t wait to see what you put out next. Congrats on your Voice victory! I expect you to be the break out artist from season 4 – no offense to the lovely Danielle or the Swon bros or any of the other very talented artists.

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