track by Madeon (
vocals by M. Chamuel (

Madeon’s original track makes me so happy – I wanted to write tune that combines the feeling I get from Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” with Katy Perry’s “TGIF.” Thus, this track.

Hope to make you smile. If you do. Pass it on.




  1. Mark Bocek

    Glad I found this page. Love this, and I’m not much into electronica. Infectious hooks. Happy making. Download didn’t go, though.

    Added extra: your cat, who looks a lot like mine. I however, provide a velvet-lined guitar case to lie in.

  2. Mark Bocek

    OK, I’m a slow learner. I’m all over this tune, electronics and all. Plus the video editing is really fine and I like the filter changes. Really a nice piece all the way around.

  3. olya

    “all I think of is love” is such a great video and sound; it raises my spirits, so thank you for being such a sincere, kind, and inspiring artist; good luck in your competition and music career; looking forward to your original music. although there is a certain distance between you and your fans now, I think of you as my friend:)

  4. istayinfinite

    This is freakin awesome. I love Madeon. And your voice is stunning. Not many people can pull off using one of his tracks, but you…KILLED IT.

  5. Lara

    Love this song!!!! Thanks God u do the things u do, and lots lots of thanks for shared ur talent with all of us !!!

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