“While You’re Young”



  1. susan gonzales

    Hi @thereverbjunkie , this is susan, from peru, but i live in NY now,im really want to meet you , u are the best and actually when u are singing i fell many things!i dont know why!!i dont know but..if you may follow me, or write something for me, i will be very happy !!please 🙂

  2. martin long

    Keep on rocking it michelle! You are my absolute favorite on the voice, all of my votes are yours and just remember to stay true to who you are and remember where you came from. I give you all my support good luck!

  3. Gelayol "g"

    Such a joy to enjoy and be obsessed with someone soo deserving of our luv. U r the best please. dont forget to keep doing inde eclectronic stuff. Ur music speaks to my soul. Luv u #chammie

  4. Max

    Honestly the best song I’ve heard in a while, can’t seem to turn it off. The kind of song you can’t stop dancing to. So great.

  5. Crystal

    I feel you girl… you kill it every time! Thank you so much, you are a joy to listen to.

  6. Shally Butler

    I LOVE this song! and I love you, thank you for being the best example of being who you are! you are incredible!

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