Thank You Frans, Thank You Coach


So, it’s been one week since you looked at me, cocked your head to the side and said “I’m angry”.  Oh, wait, that’s a song.  I mean, it’s been about one week since the The Voice season 4 has ended, and I wanted to make a post thanking everyone that made the journey possible.  The people who voted.  The ones who stayed up late watching, cheering, smiling, or getting caught up in the moment.  The people who stayed up late coaching.  Those who guided me, were patient with me, and protected me. The people behind the cameras.  The people who made the sets, clothing, lights, FIRE, and stage. Those who took the show and used it to do wonderful things they never though possible – like being themselves, changing careers, being kinder to others, or giving life a second chance.

Man. The show gave me a chance to explore myself, music, the relationships around me, and has very much challenged me to keep growing into who I want to be.  And though it may look like the ending to a successful TV story, it’s the beginning of another. 



  1. Alexa

    Thank you for the amazing music you make! I am very happy for you and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

  2. imacookiefiend

    Usher was right when he called you the winner! You’re talented, humble and showed the world that it’s ok to be “Too school for cool!” 🙂 The Voice was just your launching platform so keep rocking it out because like all your frans, I look forward to hearing your new music soon!

  3. istayinfinite

    Five days since you laughed at me saying “get that together come back and see me.” tehehe. 😉

  4. mmaxpost

    I don’t why it works, it just does. Half the time artists don’t know themselves what kind of power they are channelling, who they’re touching, what the meaning of what they’re producing is. That’s why you learn never to ask what a piece of art means, and experienced artists won’t answer anyway. I wrote what I wrote and don’t have too much to add. Just that from what I’ve read of people’s responses, you’ve been some kind of spirit guide through no fault of your own, just going about your business. Getting all shamanistic without any extra trouble but being who you are and doing what you do. So just keep working and we’ll keep changing.

  5. mmaxpost

    I’m going to confess something here fellow commenters, and I know it won’t reflect well on me. I don’t know what a “fran” is, or whether I are one or not. Please advise.

  6. Alexa

    @mmaxpost To my own conclusion “Fran” is like a combination of friend and fan. But this is my own interpretation of the word. So this isn’t a definitive answer.

  7. Nazine Liard

    You are totally right Michelle. This is the beginning of another wonderful “Michelle the reverb junkie” and I am looking forward to it. See you in the flipside. ❤

  8. Nazine Liard

    First time in my life that I will say this I REALLY AM A FRAN OF YOURS MICHELLE. Not exactly because of how great you are on stage or how great your songs are but because of how you love yourself. I simply adore your charm and personality. Thank you so much ❤

  9. mmaxpost

    Thanks for stepping up @Alexa and filling me in. I see now it’s pretty obvious. Oh, well, it’s probably good for the soul to feel like an idiot once or twice a day.

  10. Alexa

    @mmaxpost Haha your welcome. Hey feeling like an “idiot” every once in awhile keeps people humble.

  11. onny

    first of all, i’m sorry michelle that before i was posting a comment about saying happy birthday to you. then a minute everyone say the same thing. and theeen i found ur confirmation on facebook and hell no idea that time it isn’t ur birth’s. i just got it from wikipedia which is out of my brain. man. i just wanna say sorry and like everybody else, im dying to catch up ur “upcoming fantastic creations” that giggled my days so i always keep smiling <<< i hope this is not too much

    i only admire ur music with ur true colour in it. beside, that's only matters 🙂

  12. Marya aka 3chinamom

    I can’t wait to see where you take yourself, Ms. Michelle. I voted for you and stayed up and wouldn’t tape the Voice so I could vote and download your music. NEVER be ashamed of being an individual, of being YOU. God made You to be You so throw those shoulders back and rejoice! Can’t wait to hear your new tunes.

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