The TRJ Merch Store Opens Tomorrow (10/15)

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 6.51.03 PM

Sneak peak above >> when clicked takes you to the TRJ Merch Store, which will be public tomorrow

Hey Everybody,
The TRJ merchandise store is about to open its digital doors to you!  The stock and designs have been selected after a looooooong process based on having maximum comfort, functionality, aesthetics, durability, sustainability, and size inclusivity.  Lots of words that mean I want to get you guys the best.

From October 15th until October 22nd, we’ll be taking pre-orders in the colors and sizes listed. After the 22nd, the merch store will reduce the stock selection to one or two colors per item.  Then Soundscape Imaging will lovingly and artfully screen-print these custom items and ship them out to you on November 4th. Soundscape Imaging is an independent company of talented, passionate, and hardworking people. You can connect with them on facebook here:

Final thing – the Bandcamp TRJ merch page has a lot of information on it.  Once it’s up, make sure to read if you are curious and triple check your orders before confirming them, as there are a lot of variables here to contend with.  I hope you have fun : D.