I am The Reverb Junkie.  My favorite places to sing are in stairwells and bathrooms.  I used to make everything sound like it was in a stairwell or a bathroom, however over time, I have learned to use reverb with more restraint.  My mission is to connect people, and the best way I know how is through music.

The Reverb Junkie has been also heard in:
Ella Riot
Christopher Norman & The Reverb Junkie
Odd Year & The Reverb Junkie

Debut full length album to be released in the fall of 2013.


  1. TMCC

    Wow! I can’t stop listening! You’re truly talented. Cant wait for more to come.

  2. nina

    I am your biggest fan… You are such an inspiration to me… I wish I could know you or meet you… 😥

  3. Ali Kappes

    You are seriously so good! Your music makes me so happy, and it inspires me! I can’t wait to see you win on The Voice! I know you can! Oh, and I LOVE YOU MICHELLE CHAMUEL!!!!!

  4. Steve Gay

    love how connected you are with the music and that reflects to who is listening.You can tell you truly love your music!

  5. Mario

    The song you already sing in the Voise was incredible, just momenrs ago, monday 17 🙂 good luck and you are the winner

  6. jp tenbusch

    Who would have known all those years ago at Blissfest. Congrats!! Come back and see us…………soon!!!!

  7. JoAnn Corey

    Michelle Chamuel, you are an original wonder. Keep doing what you are doing and stay true!

  8. Lara

    cant wait to heard some more of your music. btw love your animations videos, make me laugh!! keep doing all those things!!! Ever think about singing in another language???

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