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track by Madeon (facebook.com/itsmadeon)
vocals by M. Chamuel (facebook.com/thereverbjunkie)

Madeon’s original track makes me so happy – I wanted to write tune that combines the feeling I get from Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” with Katy Perry’s “TGIF.” Thus, this track.

Hope to make you smile. If you do. Pass it on.


Six Degrees to Madeon

So, I heard Madeon‘s new track, “The City,” played it 200 times in a row, and decided I would work with him. Madeon lives in France and has no idea The Reverb Junkie exists. 

DilemaN! So, I found an instrumental of his that I loved and got to work.

Now, I have completed a track (featuring Madeon) and am working on a video – both to be released next week. If you guys enjoy it and then you tell six friends who tell six friends…Madeon will know the Reverb Junkie exists soon enough. 

Stay tuned Verbies. This is going to be fun.