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Thank You Frans, Thank You Coach


So, it’s been one week since you looked at me, cocked your head to the side and said “I’m angry”.  Oh, wait, that’s a song.  I mean, it’s been about one week since the The Voice season 4 has ended, and I wanted to make a post thanking everyone that made the journey possible.  The people who voted.  The ones who stayed up late watching, cheering, smiling, or getting caught up in the moment.  The people who stayed up late coaching.  Those who guided me, were patient with me, and protected me. The people behind the cameras.  The people who made the sets, clothing, lights, FIRE, and stage. Those who took the show and used it to do wonderful things they never though possible – like being themselves, changing careers, being kinder to others, or giving life a second chance.

Man. The show gave me a chance to explore myself, music, the relationships around me, and has very much challenged me to keep growing into who I want to be.  And though it may look like the ending to a successful TV story, it’s the beginning of another.