Ella Riot “It Could Be” music video still

photo by Jon Morgan
editing by M. Chamuel

photo by Jon Morgan

photo by Life magazine


  1. Immom

    Love the site. Love the pictures. They are so alive!

    My favorite is #13 Chicago. So much life in the stillness.

    The belt buckles are intriguing. It took me a while to figure them out.

    Awaiting the rest with anticipation

  2. Fee-jay Murillo Remojo Jr.

    .. oh my God, idol!! you are so talented!! you sing great, you rock!! and you also have the talent in photography and editing!! you’re the man girl!! πŸ˜€ proud to be a nerd myself!! πŸ˜€ i love michelle chamuel/the reverb junkie/ella riot/ my dear disco!!! BIGGEST, ENORMOUS, GIGANTIC, HUMONGOUS FAN!!! πŸ˜€

  3. belen velazquez

    I feel your music so much! I totally connect and I love it. Where your music comes from is the place where love resides in. En tu corazón ❀

  4. Sarah

    Why did I not know of you before The Voice??? I live in Michigan, I should have known about you and Ella Riot. SMH!

  5. Shadowwalker

    Where have you been? The world needs more of your talent&beauty! Love everything about Michelle! Your music&personality eases my depression while my illness kills me,your soul handed me some joy.Blessings.

  6. Bill Burk

    We just sent you an email– we just found out about Ella Riot and The Reverb Junkie tonight and we’re totally impressed. You’re already a big star in our eyes. I’m 43 and I don’t get excited much by new artists anymore, but you’ve changed that– it’s like I’m in high school again hearing about the newest band in the scene… Me and Sylvia are fans for life!

  7. onny

    I never felt your a music could turn me up in to the place i never know it is great. i always could have this fantasy when i listen to music. But you and ur music give me expectation where i never expected neither cross in to my mind. it’s precious
    o.syn indonesia

  8. FRS4

    Very proud of you, Wolverine!!! You are breaking men’s hearts everywhere, too. What a beautiful voice. Looking forward to continuing to buy your great work.

  9. Nazine Liard

    Well, sometime someday… this site will be known worldwide. I love your style of music Michelle and your personality. this is the first time that I ever became a fan of someone. I think that you deserve to be up there. you’re a role model, good luck..

  10. garce hesty

    Good worl Michelle, I’m very sad coz you not win the voice,
    but i thakfull for the song and of course your voice..
    coz it’s so inspiring me always..

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